September is Heritage month in South Africa and it is a time for us to celebrate the cultural wealth that we are privileged to have in our country. With eleven official languages, diverse cultures and breath-taking landscapes, we can confidently say that there is no place quite like the rainbow nation! Our heritage has long been expressed through creativity, our historical inheritance, languages and even through the food we eat especially the beloved braai! UNESCO has even identified 8 Word Heritage Sites in South Africa, four of which are cultural. We don’t know about you but at Alifurn, we could not be more proud of being a part of this nation and this is constantly being expressed through our craftmanship!

Local Really Is Lekker

Not only does the saying ‘local is lekker’ have a great ring to it, but we made a promise to staff, clients, suppliers and community that our business would echo these words – it’s basically our motto. Here are a few of the reasons why we live by these words and believe that purchasing local much more than a trend:

  • It enriches the economy, not only by keeping the money within the country but also by creating jobs and sustaining skills that could easily be lost if we continue to import from foreign countries.
  • Importing products harms the environment, and by purchasing locally you help to decrease our carbon footprint.
  • When you purchase from a local supplier, it becomes easier to trace the source of the materials used and how the product was manufactured, helping you make ethical choices.
  • Local products are tailormade for our climate, giving you peace of mind that it is the perfect fit!

Our love for South Africa already had us sold, but we also saw the negative impact that cheap imports were having not only on our environment but on the employment rate in our nation. This was an opportunity for us to not only do what we love but to positively impact the lives of the greater community that we operate in AND provide South Africans with the timeless, high-quality outdoor furniture that they deserve!

Our Promise To You

 We believe that local is lekker and that is why our furniture is 100% produced in South Africa – yes, you read right! From the fibre-cane and aluminium we use to the labour we source, we are proud to say that every part is of our furniture is just as proudly South African as we are. We source the best quality and most appropriate materials from local suppliers so that you can have the outdoor living space of your dreams without worrying about your furniture’s days being numbered. Rust stains, lumpy cushions and sun-faded furnishings can finally be a thing of the past.

Our Community, Our Heritage

While our products are proudly South African, the people of Alifurn are the ones we truly want to celebrate this month! They are the ones who embody the essence of what it means to be a South African. They are an invaluable part of our community and the driving forces behind what we do at Alifurn. Through our dedication to the people of South Africa, we have seen the inexperienced become extremely skilled weavers, families being supported and fed, and lives changed – Above all else, this is what being proudly South African means to us!