It’s already December 2017, and many of us can’t help but scratch our heads and wonder where the time went.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, chances are you’ll have family over at your place around the 25th.

Chances are they’ll expect a delicious festive meal large enough to put them to sleep, and where better to host such a culinary spread during the warmest of seasons than on your outdoor furniture?

With this in mind, we’re looking at some stunning festive outdoor table settings to inspire your Christmas Day family chow-down décor…

Simplistically Stunning

Why go over the top, right?

You’re quite within your rights to make your festive family meal as extravagant as you see fit, however should you prefer the minimalist approach to outdoor table settings, then this one’s for you.

Seen here is a simplistic setting where festive ambiance is achieved by utilising green placemats with complimentary burgundy serviettes.

This festive table is finished off with a simple candle lantern as a centre piece, and is ready to host outdoor family festivities!

Oh My Woodness

If you feel you should go over the top with your festive décor, focus on your table’s centre pieces.

These are focal points of your outdoor table settings, and with a good centre piece – you don’t need much else.

Seeing as you’ll be hosting your guests outdoors, consider integrating natural elements by utilising flat wooden disks (preferably still featuring bark) with faux mistletoe wrapping and a pinecone here and there.

Finish off the look with a candle or two, and consider using a table cloth with elements of red and white to bring through that Christmas vibe.

Frosty the Plate Man

We’re not sure who came up with this, but they deserve a Bells!

Not exactly of the outdoor variety, but this festive table setting is as visually appealing as it is original.

By using two different plate sizes, two types of serviettes, standard cutlery and a few items from the vegetable drawer – this table is transformed into a winter wonderland for six ‘snowmen’.

We love this table décor so much, we’d have a hard time dismantling it when it comes time to dish up!

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