You love your Alifurn outdoor furniture set, but you can’t help but feel that there might be a little something missing…and you’d be right! Scatter cushions! Spruce up your outdoor couch with a few of these comfy, cost-effective décor items, and see what a difference a few scatter cushions can make…

scatter cushions

What Colour Should My Scatter Cushions Be

First up, a don’t – don’t have scatter cushions in exactly the same fabric and colour as your couch! Rather, use scatter cushions as an opportunity to add colour and texture to your outdoor area:

  • Look around your patio, porch or veranda and take note of the colours that pop – this could be the tone of the walls or floors, or even the colours in your garden
  • Use this colour as inspiration for your colour palette – select a fabric that compliments, or enhances it
  • Think about your outdoor area’s overall theme, which should follow the architecture of your home or hospitality establishment
  • Greens, yellows, oranges and browns are a great accent colour for natural and brown couches, and work well in bushveld settings
  • For a nautical look, particularly effective in a seaside setting, go for reds and blues on white fibrecane couches
  • To create an outdoor space inspired by idyllic Greek isles, top your white couch with a few turquoise scatters
  • Use greys and whites on couches in the outdoor areas of traditional Natal Colonial or Cape Dutch buildings.

How Many Cushions on a Sofa?

Form follows function, goes the old architectural maxim, and this is true of scatter cushions on couches, too – the size and style of the couch dictating the number of cushions:

  • Three seaters – can accommodate up to five cushions
  • Two seaters – up to four cushions
  • One seater – just a single cushion should suffice!

While classical couch styles lend themselves to even numbers of scatter cushions in a more formal arrangement, odd numbers work better on contemporary couches. It goes without saying, but the larger the couch, the larger the cushions, too!

The 2-1-2 Arrangement

Placement of your scatter cushions is key, agree interior designers. One of the most popular techniques used in interior design is known as the 2-1-2 arrangement:

  • Please two large solid-colour cushions on the outside, against the arms
  • Next, come two patterned cushions in complimentary tones
  • Finish off with a rectangular scatter in the front.

The Karate Chop

Do perfectly plumped cushions sitting neatly in a row give you the heebie-jeebies? Give ‘em a karate chop! To do this, first fluff up your cushions, then using the side of your outstretched hand, ‘chop’ them in the middle. According to interior decorators, this makes scatter cushions look more casual, and a seating area looked more lived in and loved. It’s also said that executing the karate chop on silky cushions helps show off the sheen, creating a more opulent look. To ‘unchop’ your scatter cushions, simply drop on the floor a few times, tap each side, and your cushions will be instantly re-plumped.

Sunproof Scatter Cushions

For outdoor areas, keep in mind that scatter cushions should be fabricated from fade-resistant, hard-wearing outdoor furniture fabric – like something from our Sunbrella® range, Hertex Sunproof Collection or the Cedarbrook Patio Collection.
For great deals on scatter cushions in various colours, see Summer Saver 4 on our Specials page!