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Guarantee on Outdoor Furniture

We’re proud to supply the marketplace with quality South African-made furniture – our products are made to withstand the African climate, be it scorching sun, soaking rains or freezing temperatures. Our furniture is welded and handwoven in KwaZulu-Natal by our team of experts – read more about our work is love approach over here…

Were so avid about the quality of our products that we offer a three-year guarantee on outdoor furniture against rust and three-year warranty on our aluminium furniture frames & workmanship, unless damage is caused due to misuse, negligence or any other act of nature.

Timber Furniture is recommended for undercover patio’s that do not receive full exposure. Timber is a natural product and slight surface cracking and movement is expected. Whilst our aluminium and fibrecane products can withstand full exposure to the elements, we recommend that timber products be used in undercover / limited exposure environments – this is due to the swelling and contraction that takes place when exposed to moisture and sun.

We offer a 2 year guarantee against structural and faulty workmanship – unless damage is caused due to misuse, negligence or any other act of nature. We offer a 1-year guarantee against movement and cracking where the structural integrity is undermined unless damage is caused due to misuse, negligence or any other act of nature.

Powder-coating aluminium

Whilst aluminium will last for years without corroding, exposure to the elements can lead to oxidation. By chemically treating and powder-coating aluminium, a further protective barrier is added.

Our powder-coating carries a two-year guarantee. Please note that this excludes any damage caused by neglect or misuse, or failure to comply with our care and maintenance instructions.

Fibre-cane furniture

Our fibre-cane furniture carries a three-year warranty against fading, peeling and cracking.

Cedarbrook Patio Collection

We offer a five-year limited warranty on this outdoor fabric range. This limited warranty protects the original purchaser from the fabric becoming unserviceable due to colour or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals.

  • Please retain the sales invoice from the manufacturer
  • The guarantee covers the replacement of fabric only and doesn’t cover labour or installation