We are enjoying our patio furniture so much, we are actually fighting over the sunbed after lunch lately.

The pic doesn’t really doing justice to the to the way it uplifts the little townhouse.

Kay Loubser

Thank you for all your efficient assistance in the purchase of the loungers.
They are lovely and have withstood the first extreme winds we experienced on Thursday.
We are very smart! 🙂

Jean Carte

We have always had prompt and efficient service from Alifurn – all in all excellent – and your products have stood up very well. I have had no complaints regarding the outdoor furniture sent up to Lagos some years ago or the more recent orders at our restaurant in Sandton and the Spa at Kwa Maritane

The Legacy Group

My patio furniture has just arrived. Thank you and your team so much – every piece is beautiful! In a country where service is generally reluctant at best and downright shoddy as a rule I am so pleased to have been able to deal with Alifurn! Have a blessed day and I sincerely hope that your company grows as it deserves to!